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For everyone, by everyone. We're all EGOH!

EGOH Finance introduces a community-oriented token built on the idea that we are all devs. Each community member is empowered to use the brand as they wish to help further build the ecosystem.

Contract Address:


Building a community of developers.

EGOH is unlike any other token out there. We are a community-oriented token built on the idea that we are all devs. EGOH Finance got its start when several long-time HOGE holders & community members came together to brainstorm ways to further enhance the experience for crypto investors.

Our aim is to build upon and expand the HOGE ecosystem by leveraging our collective learnings and experiences. We are all EGOH!


Rewards Tax

Every Buy/Sell will incur a 5% tax. This tax will redistribute HOGE to all holders. To see your reflections add the HOGE BSC contract address: 0xa4fffc757e8c4f24e 7b209c033c123d20983ad40

Marketing Tax

Every Buy/Sell will incur a 2% tax. This tax will go towards the marketing wallet for future growth of the EGOH token and ecosystem.

LP Tax

Every Buy/Sell will incur a 2% tax. This tax will go directly back into the Liquidity Pool to help further strengthen the token and provide stability and growth.

Burn Wallet

Every Buy/Sell will incur a 1% tax. This tax will result in burning supply for every transaction. EGOH is deflationary. This burned supply will be in a dead wallet, never to be seen again.

Roadmap 1.0

Assemble CORE team
Secure Socials
Publish Whitepaper v1.0
Website Launch
Stealth Launch on PancakeSwap
Hire Smart Contract Auditor
500 Telegram Members
List on HogeSwap
CoinGecko Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
Hold AMA
EGOH Dashboard
Audit Complete
How To Buy Video
Memes and Artwork
Airdrops and Buybacks
2,000 Telegram Members
Marketing Push

Influencers, Prompts, Partnerships, Ads

First CEX Listing
Telegram EGOH Auto-Moderator
EGOH NFT Collaboration
Expand Core Team
EGOHEdu - Crypto Education Partnership
EGOH Staking & Rewards
Renounce Contract
5,000 Holders

Roadmap 1.0

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three



We will create a state-of-the-art charting and reporting platform that can provide reporting with ease of access. We aim to not only compete with Poocoin; however, to offer enhanced features for token holders.

Liquidity Locker

Will develop a protocol aiming to provide users with the capabilities to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale. No code is required. Additionally will offer Liquidity locker services

Smart LP

A big issue in DeFi is poor liquidity across many projects. We aim to build a safer crypto space by offering a Smart LP solution to help crypto projects to remain stable and safer investments for their communities.


A play-to-earn arcade where each month any funds accumulated will be dispersed back to winners and the marketing wallet. Winners will receive 70% of all funds.

Contract Audits

With our team of experienced devs, we will perform contract audits on tokens. These audits are industry standard and will provide feedback regarding any minor, major, or critical defects.



Download MetaMask Wallet

Metamask is a crypto wallet that works with several various networks such as BSC, Ethereum (ETH), and many others. It can be used as a Mobile App or browser Extension.

Setup Wallet

Using the account settings tab in Metamask wallet settings, locate the Networks menu, click on add custom RPC. Add Binance Smart Chain Network to this wallet. Add the following lines in respective areas:

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Buy some BNB

Use an exchange to buy BNB. Some exchanges are Binance, KuCoin, or your preferred exchange. The Minimum limit to withdraw to another wallet is approximately 0.1 BNB.

Transfer BNB

Withdraw/Transfer the BNB to your Metamask Wallet. Select Binance Smart Chain BEP20 as the transfer network. You will need your Metamask Smart Chain Wallet Address. This will be the recipient address used when sending the BNB.

Go to Pancakeswap

Go to PancakeSwap.Finance on your browser or in Metamask App. Connect your wallet. The "From" section will be your BNB. Select amount you want to buy.

Token Address

In the "To" section add in following address: 0x147e81789bbdc9820da35cc613cf10c0b2d06399
Click settings/gear icon, change slippage to 11%.

Swap BNB for EGOH

Now that BNB is at the top and EGOH is at the bottom. Now you will click SWAP at the bottom. Approve the transaction in the wallet and wait for it to confirm!

Importing Tokens

While in your wallet, click on "Import Tokens" at the bottom of the page. Add the below in:

EGOH Contract Address: 0x147e81789bbdc9820da35cc613cf10c0b2d06399

HOGE Contract Address: 0xa4fffc757e8c4f24e7b209c033c123d20983ad40

Join the Egoh Finance community now!


Several HOGE community developers got together for a sole purpose. To build a complimentary token that could further expand the Hoge Ecosystem and pursue an environment of innovation.

Currently you can buy on PancakeSwap and soon HogeSwap.

We recommend the slippage at 11%.

Every Buy/Sell will result in A 10% tax. 5% of this tax will be used to purchase HOGE to airdrop to each wallet holding EGOH. The amount of HOGE received will be dependent on the size of the wallet. Be sure to import HOGE to your wallet to see your reflections: 0xa4fffc757e8c4f24e7b209c033c123d20983ad40

This is such an amazing question and we completely agree that we need to expand beyond the HOGE community (that’s the point!) However, we believe HOGE holders should have first crack at grabbing a bag of EGOH before we start expanding. 

By launching as a BEP20 token with very unique tokenomics, we now have a marketing wallet that we plan on fully leveraging to grow HOGE and EGOH beyond the usual HOGE holders / eyes. We have new content to be deployed, partnerships with tokens outside of the HOGE ecosystem, and are fully committed to developing EGOH use cases. 

Just like how Honda has Acura, Toyota has Lexus, Volkswagen has Audi… we believe the EGOH brand can expand HOGE beyond the usual set of eyes.